The Golden Dragon – Writer’s Take

Acclaimed German playwright, Roland Schimmelpfennig, joined The Play Company during the first week of previews for The Golden Dragon. Watch what he has to say about creating this unique piece and witnessing it on the New York stage for the first time.


Rockstars: Another PlayCo first

If you were lucky enough to make it to the short October 2012 run of Sky-Pony: Raptured, you got to experience a PlayCo first. Our live music debut, if you will.

And, based on that experience, we think rock music suits us.


In fact, the whole experimental experience went over so well, it’s been immortalized for your listening pleasure. Our Brooklyn-based Sky-Pony friends have just released a Live EP of that very show – Raptured Live! 

Download it for a song at iTunes or Amazon, and sing along to your favorite tracks about the would-be messiah who finds herself through music. We think you’ll find it… enlightening.

Cabaret Gourmet is looking delicious

We at PlayCo have dipped our toe into the wild world of Pinterest, and it turns out that finding photos to post has just made us really really hungry. That’s because we have our tenth annual Cabaret Gourmet on the brain – our annual gala benefit which puts the most delicious New York City restaurants at center stage.

Here’s a taste:

a delicious plate from Amali

See what we mean? This will definitely make your mouth water:

delicious Valrhona Chocolate dessert

Anyway, there is so much goodness on our plate right now, we just had to share. Of course there will be non-food things on offer, too, like delectable wine and spirits, silent auction items to knock your socks off, and live entertainment. In fact, our Master of Ceremonies is Tony-nominated singer-actor, Daniel Breaker.

Daniel Breaker for Cabaret Gourmet

So check out our Cabaret Gourmet board on Pinterest for more pictures. When your stomach starts growling, head on over to our website for more info and to reserve your seat at the table. It happens on April 22 at the American Airlines Theatre Penthouse (ooo, fancy!), but tickets to this mouth-watering event start at just $150.

WuFoo Master

I officially have a new skill I can add to my resume… WuFoo Master. 

What, you ask, is a WuFoo? Well that was my exact reaction three weeks ago when Lauren asked me to tackle setting up and managing the WuFoo forms for the upcoming Season communications and discounts we were going to be exploring. I soon learned that WuFoo is an online survey builder. Which doesn’t sound that scary, but as I logged onto the website I was left with a puzzled look on my face. (Don’t let the vibrant colors fool you, this is not a walk in the park) 


Once I created my first survey I was so pleased with myself. Little did I know that there were payment options, directional logistics and email notifications to tackle as well. But my arch nemesis was found in the RULES section. ( I mean look at that)



So, what is going on here is that once you build a survey, but want to give your users options, like if they choose a certain answer than they are sent to a different part of the survey, or if they specify No, they don’t want to buy tickets to see a show then they are sent to the end of the survey and bypass the dates and times for the show, etc. I was soon swimming in if’s, isn’t, hide, shows and so many options that I didn’t know where I was sending my survey takers. 

But then the ball dropped, the survey is live. So I was editing a survey Lauren had created and there was no way to turn back and cancel my changes not to mention if someone was on the website trying to fill this thing out they would be so confused.

As you can tell by the title of this entry, everything turned out okay. I figured out what was wrong with the current survey’s rules and managed to edit them and recreate the survey to follow the right path and not send the user in a continuos loop asking them which show dates they wanted to attend. 

My feat may seem small, but upon taking the survey and realizing that each path was correct and lead to the end, I threw up my hands and spun around in my desk chair as Lauren looked at my like I was insane. So I did it, I tamed the WuFoo beast. On to the next challenge. 

Moral of the story, next time you fill out on online survey or click a button on a website that leads you somewhere new, know that some intern somewhere struggled on that path and you should appreciate getting to your destination. If you want to see my survey, check out our membership discounts and deals!

It Seems Sky-Pony Did, In Fact, Bring the Rapture

What a week! 

Last Saturday, I sat in the Ukrainian National Home and “saw the light” through the guiding voices of Lauren Worsham and the other talented members of Sky-Pony. A week later, this past Saturday, I sat in my pitch black apartment on Ave C, not seeing any light, using the guiding voice of my roommate to find the candles in our kitchen drawer. 

Sky-Pony didn’t realize, as they sang about a rapture and making it through hard times that their message would be heard loud and clear less than 24 hours later, when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and the last performance of their show, sadly, was cancelled and they had to do set strike in the dark. 

I think that New Yorkers leading up to and in the aftermath of Sandy, as well as the whole country anticipating the elections that took place yesterday, could relate to and use the message and lyrics that Sky-Pony beautifully gave to audience members. 

“That everything you see is just a dream

This world is just devils cruel machine

And as bad as things may seem

There is a light in the window, there is a light in the window”

Sky-Pony: RAPTURED could not have fallen on a better set of ears or during a better time, regardless of the fact that they were cut short one show. 

The show was staged as a church-like gathering where there were testimonies, audience participatory songs and we even took “communion.” I kept having vivid flashbacks to my childhood experiences growing up in the Bible Belt south and found myself chuckling at the similarities and the cleverly thought out production. 

Monday night, as the lights went out, I brought out my phone and played Sky-Pony’s “Rapture” and my friends and I sang, “See the light, see the light I wanna, See the light, see the light now,” and meant those words both literally, seeing as we were sitting in the pitch black, but also personally and metaphorically. 

For those of you who didn’t get to see the show, you can download the songs from the Sky-Pony website or buy their new EP that they just released that is absolutely incredible. PlayCo also has two great shows in the works for the rest of the season that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on! 

I, and everyone here at PlayCo, hope that everyone is surviving in the wake of Sandy and our thoughts go out to the people still affected by the “Frankenstorm,” and don’t forget, “As bad as things may seem, there is a light in the window.”