PlayCo Player of the Month: Charlotte Parry from RAINBOW KISS

In the 2007/08 Season, PlayCo produced Simon Fahquar’s RAINBOW KISS. The play starts with a kiss and ends in blood.  Keith, raising his infant son alone while holding down a dead-end job, stakes his future on a one-night stand with Shazza, an upwardly mobile beautician he meets at a club.  She has a master plan and he doesn’t belong.  Yet she keeps coming back for more.  Set in Aberdeen, Scotland’s “Granite City,” Rainbow Kiss paints a stark portrait of life and love on the dark side of the city’s oil-fueled boom.

We’re so excited to introduce Charlotte back into the PlayCo community before she heads to Broadway again! Check out the exclusive interview below.

Charlotte Parry . Actress

PLAYCO: How did you first get involved in the RAINBOW KISS production?

CHARLOTTE: I auditioned for Will Frears and Judy Henderson, and got offered the job later that day.

PLAYCO: Tell us about the role (or roles) you played – how did you prepare and which character did you identify with most and why?

CHARLOTTE: I played Shazza – a pretty rough girl from Aberdeen. She was lost, poor, struggling, and had developed a hard, tough outer shell to protect herself. I loved playing her – and welcomed the rather large challenge. As the play was so beautifully written (by Simon Farquhar), it helped immensely in finding out who this girl was, and how to get inside her skin.

PLAYCO: What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on in the last year or so? What did you enjoy most about it? Any challenges?

CHARLOTTE: I very much enjoyed doing The Importance of Being Earnest on Broadway. I loved the role of Cecily – though it was a challenge to do it for so long and keep it interesting. I particularly loved my last job – Bluebird, at the Atlantic. I was playing a prostitute from the north of England – what’s not fun about that?! It was also an incredibly close, lovely cast. The Bridge Project with Sam Mendes came with a world tour, so that takes first prize for adventure!

PLAYCO: Who is someone that inspires you? Or what is your greatest motivator?

CHARLOTTE: Gosh – so many people.My friends, in their individual ways. My mother. In terms of within the industry, I was very inspired by the late Lynn Redgrave, who I worked with the first time I did Importance Of Being Earnest with Peter Hall. Her grace, humor, humility and ability to laugh at herself and make the smallest person feel the greatest was something I aspire to. Not an ounce of ego. Other role models I’ve got to know and learn from in this business have been Tyne Daly, Alfred Molina and Simon Russell Beale – all of whom share those same qualities and don’t make it all about themselves.

PLAYCO: What’s up next for you?

CHARLOTTE: I’m playing Helena in Look Back In Anger at the Roundabout, which runs from mid January.

I’ve also just trained as a Doula (one who gives support to the mother during labor, childbirth and the postpartum period), so I’m currently trying to drum up work amongst those pregnant ladies!

PLAYCO: You can see more about Charlotte’s latest project @

Keep on rockin’, Charlotte!


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